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eBuildingService, eBuilding Service your 24 hour Denver source for HVAC, Locks, Tenant Finish and General Building Maintenance

If It IS Broken, Fix It!

As property owners and managers ourselves, it was clear to us that the system of property maintenance and repairs – and how it’s “always” been done – was broken.

We experienced the same problems all property owners and property managers do. We could not find an HVAC, Restaurant repairs and maintenance, tenant finish and general maintenance service that was available 24/7, reachable, reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, efficient and affordable -- and that followed through and followed-up.

We were sure there had to be a better way, so we decided to create one.

Creating a Company From Scratch

eBuildingService was started in a rather unusual manner. Instead of setting up a company and then having customers adapt to our systems, we decided that we’d be the ones to adapt. We started out by asking property owners, property managers, landlords and tenants, what THEY needed and wanted in a maintenance company, what worked for them and what didn’t with their HVAC companies, with their locksmiths, with their tenant finish contractors and with their general maintenance and repair services. Then we asked the guys in the field – the technicians – the same questions. And the supervisors. And the service managers. And the people in the office and on the phones.

And then we built a customer-centric maintenance company
from the ground up based on the feedback we received.

According to our customers, we’ve succeeded in creating the kind of general maintenance company, HVAC repair, locks and keys and tenant finish services that property owners, property managers and service technicians were looking for all along.


Although we pride ourselves on many components of our company, our key differentiators are our communication systems and our people.

  • Communications – One of the things we heard over and over again from customers, technicians, managers, supervisors, owners, tenants and property managers alike is that the traditional communication stream did not work. So we came up with a whole new way of communicating. Using state-of-the-art systems and technology. We created a communication-driven, web-based property maintenance company where everyone all the time can know exactly what’s going on -- and/or communicate directly if needed. Please click here to learn more about our Communication Technologies and Electronic Service Requests.
  • Our People We wish King Sooper’s hadn’t already used “our people make the difference” as their slogan, because we’d sure like that as our tagline. One of the key components of our internal mission statement is to attract, hire and retain excellent employees. We hire highly skilled workers, treat them well, pay fair wages, and offer a great benefits package. Those are internal values that might not mean much to you, but here’s how they translate to the level of service we deliver:
  • Our people are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. They are specialists in their areas, and know what they are doing in terms of repair and replacement of HVAC systems, locks and keys, general maintenance and tenant finish.
  • Our people are reliable and responsible. They’ll be there when they say they’ll be there and take care of the problem as promised.
  • You can trust our service technicians. If they technicians say a part is needed, you can trust that that’s the case. If they say that replacement makes more sense than repair, you can rely on that information. If all you need is a new belt, or a slight adjustment, they’ll tell you that too. Our entire team knows that profitable properties come from cost effective repairs and we always keep that in mind for our clients. If we tell you something needs to be replaced, you can trust that we’ve done everything to try to fix it first.
  • The eBuildingService team maintains appearance standards. Our people are clean, appropriately dressed and maintain a professional and presentable appearance at all times. You will never be embarrassed to have them in your building lobby or in a tenant’s suite.
  • Our key people have high level security clearances and can be trusted on your property, in your building and/or in tenant suites or secure areas such as electrical rooms, phone rooms, and computer equipment areas, and with building access, lock and keys.

Or click here to learn more about our Communications and Technology Systems

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