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eBuilding Service is a web-based, technology-assisted building and property maintenance and repair service company bringing next-generation communications to the repair and maintenance business.

We do not use technology to avoid direct communication with our customers; we are reachable by phone 24/7/365 and you can always speak directly to a real human being. But we DO use state-of-the-art technology systems to enhance communication and provide the most responsive building maintenance and repair service possible.


Here's How:

  • Smart Phones and Tablets - Every one of our technicians and supervisors has a smart phone and a tablet so they can be reached at all times. If one of our guys is out on your job and you need to talk to him, you can actually call him, text him or email him directly. This means:
    • constant, real-time communication with the field, so that a technician can be reached at all times, and even customers can call technicians directly to find out if they're on their way, onsite, the status of the repair and any other information
    • the technician can call the customer with questions, or for clarification or approvals
    • additional details or descriptions of the problem or location can be communicated directly
    • other services at the same location can be added or handled in one call
    • a supervisor can guide or support any service work if necessary
  • Date and Time Stamped Notes - Every technician enters their name, arrival time on a job, detailed notes of what was repaired and any parts used and job completion notes into our electronic tracking system. All of this information is available to customers in real time. Detailed notes are recorded on every job, so there is never a question of who did what when.
  • Progress Reports - Jobs that take more than one visit to complete are provided with progress reports so our customers never have to wonder about the status of any job.
  • Before and After Photographs - Photos confirming completion of each job are uploaded to the system so you can actually see that was done and how it looks. Worried about whether the snow removal got done before the start of business? Log in to see the photographic proof of your shoveled sidewalks and cleared parking lots.
  • Verified Signoffs - For corporate retail and restaurant locations, we provide electronic manager signoffs verifying that the work was completed and accurate times for arrival and completion.
  • Posted Estimates and Proposals - Instead of scrambling to find these to check pricing or match to an invoice, these are posted online for your easy reference. Any related plans and documents are also posted.
  • Tracking - We know you can't be everywhere at once and that it is impossible to keep track of multiple maintenance, repair and preventative maintenance jobs going on. Our systems enable you to track every service request with all the information you would ever need literally at your fingertips 24/7 and 365.

    You never have to wonder about the status of any repair or preventative maintenance job
    with eBuildingService.
    Because you can track it at any time.

Electronic Service Request (eSR Technology)

eSR is our exclusive online, web-based, Electronic Service Request job tracking system. Our amazing eSR system is state-of-the-art technology applied to the building maintenance and service industry to revolutionize how building maintenance and repair services, HVAC/R services, HVAC Subcontracting and Restaurant Repair and Maintenance Services are handled.

How ESR Works

  • Every customer is given a private access code
  • The code allows customers to log on to their account and their customized home page.
  • From that page, with simple point-and-click technology, the customer can log on any time, and check job status online 24/7. Customers can see what was done, when it was done, by whom and whether the job is complete or waiting for a part or a follow-up service call.
  • Clients can also see who their technician is and can call or send an e-mail directly.
  • Information can be accessed by customer, by property, by the nature of the service or by technician. Each job has a timeline and a real-time status update. Job pages also include technician and supervisor job notes as well as cost estimates and proposals if applicable. The technician's time card is also visible so clients can see how much time was actually spent on the job.
  • Photographs of the job for questions, and completion confirmation can also be entered.
  • Once the technician reports that the service call is done, a supervisor reviews the file. No job is considered complete until after a supervisor has reviewed and approved the work.
  • You can even ORDER work online. As soon as your service request is input, the supervisor is immediately notified of the service request. When a tech is assigned a ticket they get electronic notification, Any time a client adds a message, the supervisor and tech both get an instant electronic notifications that there have been updates or additional information/instructions added to the job page.
  • Call us today for a free customer demo. 303-592-1055

Say Goodbye To The Frustration Of Not Knowing The Status Of Your Jobs. Did the locks get replaced at Unit X at Property Y? Log on and check! Wasn't the belt in that HVAC unit replaced in the spring? Log on and check!. Has someone been out to shovel the sidewalks yet? Log on and check! Is the gushing sprinkler repaired? Log on and check!

Additional Technologies That Enhance Our Building and Property Maintenance Services

  • GPS & Mapping - Every service technician is provided with GPS so there is never any question about finding a job location. Techs get directions and notifications of the quickest route, or alternate routes in case of traffic, road closures or detours.
  • Internet access - so that finding the nearest supply house for a part is a mouse click or a phone call away.


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