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eBuildingService your commercial Refrigeration and HVAC repair company Let eBuildingService provide your commercial property management company with professional repair and maintenance services.

Restaurant HVAC, Refrigeration, Plumbing & Restaurant Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

eBuildingService, eBuilding Service Your 24 hour Restaurant Repair, Maintenance, Remodel and Construction Services company

Denver, Colorado Springs, Parker, Boulder, Ft. Collins and Greeley


eBuildingService is your 24/7, one-call-does it call, self-performing restaurant facilities and equipment maintenance, repair and service company for Denver, Boulder, Parker, Colorado Springs and Greeley/Ft. Collins.

One-Stop Shopping For All Restaurant Repair & Maintenance Needs Including:

  • Restaurant HVAC/R Repairs and Installation
  • HVAC/R Preventative Maintenance
  • Refrigeration Repairs and Preventative Maintenance
  • Complete Restaurant Equipment Repairs & Maintenance including All Hot Side and Cold Side Appliance Repairs
  • Plumbing and Drain Services
  • General Building Maintenance and Repairs (including plate glass, electrical, snow removal and more)
“eBuilding Service is awesome! They handle all our HVAC, air conditioning, plumbing, equipment repairs, equipment removal, all the refrigeration, walk-ins, make-up air, exhaust fans, ovens, hoods, makelines, etc. for all 20 of our locations. The company is easy to work with and they are just great. We especially appreciate their after hours responsiveness.

~ A Satisfied Customer

One of the biggest challenges in the restaurant business is having to call a bunch of different contractors for restaurant repairs and maintenance.  For example, the HVAC (mechanical) HVAC/R repair service is a different company than the walk-in cooler guy, who is different from the oven repair person, who is different from the plumber for restroom repair ,which is a different company from the service that can repair the timer on the fryer . . .  not to mention who is going to replace the restaurant’s ceiling tile after the leak on the roof is repaired or for that matter who is going to repair the roof?  Who’s got time to manage all those calls and contractors when the main focus of running a restaurant needs to be on the food, staffing and customers!?!

eBuildingService restaurant equipment repair, HVAC/R and building maintenance company is about to change your life.


From now on, you can pay attention to running your restaurant and we'll handle all the building, refrigeration, HVAC and equipment maintenance and repairs.

Self-Performing Restaurant Repair and Maintenance Company

Our sophisticated and trained technicians can repair, service and maintain your critical facility and restaurant equipment in Denver, Boulder, Parker, Colorado Springs and Ft. Collins/Greeley with ONE PHONE CALL. 303.592.1055. Call us for:

  • Restaurant HVAC/R Service and Repair - Denver and The Front Range - eBuildingService services, repairs and installs all types of commercial refrigeration, ventilation and HVAC systems. Our 24/7/365 HVAC service is a lifesaver for our restaurant customers. Our sophisticated and trained technicians can not only repair HVAC/R problems, but can also adjust HVAC systems for even temperature modulation, handle the seasonal switch from heating to cooling and back again, set and adjust HVAC zones, balance restaurant HVAC systems to compensate for west and south solar gains, and design and install HVAC systems for large and small restaurant properties. In addition to HVAC, we are experts in restaurant refrigeration repairs as well as all hot side and cold side restaurant equipment repairs.
  • HVAC/R Preventative Maintenance Programs - If you want to prevent and avoid HVAC and equipment breakdowns, you've got to maintain your heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems in optimum condition. An ounce of prevention is worth a lot more than a pound of cure when it comes to preventative maintenance programs for restaurant HVAC/R systems. Preventative maintenance programs are critical to keep your restaurant running smoothly and ensure a seamless transition from heating to cooling functions. Call us today for a preventative maintenance estimate for your HVAC, refrigeration and restaurant equipment units in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley and Parker and Colorado Springs. 303.592.1055. Our unique eSR technology also allows you 24/7 real time access to job service logs, which is particularly important when it comes to HVAC maintenance, so you can know when the last time a filter was changed, a belt was replaced, coolant was charged, etc.
  • Refrigeration & Restaurant Equipment - Hot Side and Cold Side Commercial Restaurant Equipment and Appliance Repairs - From your rooftop HVAC unit to your kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan, from your walk-in cooler and freezer to your reach-in; from your ice machine to your oven, range or fryer; from your make table to your steam table, from your bun warmer to your grill or griddle, and from your sink drain to your floor drain, eBuilding Service can take care of all your critical restaurant equipment repairs, servicing and maintenance, including preventative maintenance programs.

    Our restaurant equipment repair experience and expertise covers all cold side and hot side restaurant appliances including: Commercial fryers such as Dean and Pitco; fryer pump motor replacement and repair; gas valve replacement; griddle repairs; breakers; grill service and repair; pizza oven repair for all major brands and models including Blodgett, Bakers Pride and Middleby Marshall; Delfield and other oven brand repairs; bun toaster repair; rethermalizers and food warmers; coffee equipment service and repair; exhaust fans and exhaust hood installation, hot holds; steam wells; heat lamps; microwaves; prep tables; ranges; commercial stoves; toasters; cooks line. On the cold side we repair and service refrigeration appliances including refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, reach-ins, beer refrigerators, ice machines, make tables and more. We also offer plumbing and drain service. We also perform preventative maintenance on restaurant equipment, which is a critical service to keep your equipment up and running and in good repair.

    If it cooks food, heats foods, refrigerates food or has anything to do with making or serving food . . . eBuildingService will take care of it.
  • Plumbing and Drain - Our restaurant repair and maintenance includes complete plumbing and drain services for bathrooms, multi-compartment sinks, bar sinks, drains, disposals, floor drains, dishwashers, ice makers and more. One call can handle all your kitchen and bathroom plumbing and drain clogs, slow drains, plumbing leaks and more. For Denver and Front Range restaurant plumbing repairs and service from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins/Greeley, call 303.592.1055.
  • General Building Maintenance and Repairs - There's really nothing we can't handle when it comes to building repairs and maintenance, including electrical, locks, plate glass, snow removal, drywall repairs, landscape maintenance, etc. Call us today with your building maintenance needs or click here to learn more about our General Maintenance Services.

    Truly One-Stop Shopping for Restaurant Repairs Denver, Boulder, Parker, Greeley, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs & Parker



Why Didn't Someone Think Of This Sooner?

We don't know. What we do know is that restaurant companies are very glad that we came up with a one-stop restaurant facilities maintenance company and our incredible online work order tracking system available 24-hours per day, 7 days per week throughout metro Denver and along the Front Range including Boulder, Ft. Collins/Greeley, Parker and Colorado Springs.

eBuildingService restaurant equipment repair and building maintenance company is about to change your life. From now on, you can pay attention to running your restaurant and we'll handle all the building, refrigeration, HVAC and commercial appliance maintenance and repairs for you. We also do general building repairs and maintenance of all kinds. Now you can solve all your general restaurant maintenance needs, plus your mechanical, refrigeration and equipment repair needs, plus your interior and exterior maintenance needs with ONE SIMPLE PHONE CALL to your new restaurant HVAC/R and equipment repair and maintenance company.

All restaurant repair and maintenance services are now conveniently available from one company
with one simple phone call!


Restaurant HVAC/R Repairs and Maintenance Tracking

Track the status of your service call online 24-hours a day with our exclusive online eSR Electronic Service Request systems. Our technology also enables us to GPS track every serviceman and ever truck - and because every eBuilding Service staff member is equipped with the latest restaurant maintenance and repair service communication technologies, including smart phones and tablets, we can ALWAYS reach them and connect them to you!

ebuildingService's Restaurant Maintenance Services Are Changing the Way Restaurant Owners and Operators Are Handling Their Restaurant Service Calls in Denver and Along The Front Range From Greeley/Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs.

Join the 2014 Restaurant HVAC/R Repair and Maintenance Revolution

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