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About eSR – electronicServiceRequest

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The old way of conducting building maintenance and repair services is a thing of the past. With the eSR web-based property maintenance and service system, jobs are assigned, tracked and monitored online with all pertinent information in one web location, accessible 24/7 to technicians, supervisors and customers alike.

Every person involved in any job – whether client, technician, service manager, supervisor, property manager, etc.) can see the status of the job, notes, estimated costs, and estimated completion date – and even the technician’s time card clearly showing how much time was spent on the job.

How eSR works

  • Customers can order work by phone or online.
  • Four eBuildingService supervisors screen requests, assign jobs and dispatch workers.
  • When a technician is assigned a job, they get immediate electronic notification.
  • The technician and the supervisor also get immediate notification any time a client sends a message or adds information to a job page.
  • Throughout the duration of the job, all pertinent information is accessible online, including the work request, proposal, estimate, timeline, technician, supervisor and customer notes, parts needed and/or ordered, estimated completion, etc.
  • The supervisor is electronically notified when a service call is completed so they can review the file. The job is not considered complete until after the supervisor has reviewed and approved the work.
  • Customers can log on at any time to check work status.

Step 1: The client is assigned an Electronic Service Request Account (click on the images to enlarge or shrink them)

Step 2: Client logs onto eSR to order work. This screen shows the options available for service work, as well as options to request a proposal or estimate only, the desired completion date, areas for notes, etc.

Page Two allows for more detail, PLUS billing information. eBuildingService can bill the property manager, the building owner, the building tenant or whomever we are instructed to bill. Each job can be specifically coded to whatever property or ownership group should pay for it. This is a great benefit for owners and managers with multiple properties.

The next step enters the eSR into the system at which point supervisors are notified, review the request and assign it to a technician.

The client can view the eSR at any stage and check on the progress and status of the job via notes from supervisors and tech's.  If the clients enters any new or revised information, the supervisor and assigned technician receive an immediate e-mail notification that an update has been made.

The client’s “Job Board” lets them see the current state is of any eSR's currently in progress.   They can also search to find any notes or archived eSR's for more info. 

To fully understand how the eSR system works, its amazing capabilities and efficiencies, please call us to request a free demo. eSR will revolutionize the way you handle property and facility maintenance and repair service calls from now on!

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